The First Slice
Added: 3/28/2017
Runtime: 59:10
Sebastian, Virginia, and Donald walked out the door to finally face off against Damon, Fox Dark, and Precious, but what happens when two retail clerks and a taco bear come face to face with two corpses and an intern?
Hypothesis the 9th:
Added: 9/16/2015
Runtime: 54:02
The Squadron has to decide what to do about the group of men who appear to be targeting them. It would be a lot easier if they weren't distracted by a visitor who can finally shed some light on where they all got their powers.
Hypothesis the 8th:
Added: 6/28/2014
Runtime: 1:01:06
The Squadron finally comes together to discuss their confrontations with crime, and one thing is abundantly clear: They need to learn how to fight. Damon draws the same conclusion about his team of financiers and recruits someone with a little more experience to get them into fighting shape. Donald thinks he and Estal don't need to add anyone to their well-oiled operation, but the addition of his new apprentice, Gabe, has him worried he's already competing for Estal's affections. As everyone's objectives draw them closer and closer together, it's only a matter of time before it all blows up and someone loses their head.
Hypothesis the 7th:
Added: 7/21/2013
Runtime: 48:53
As Damon and his team close in on Donald, Virginia and Sebastian try their hand at private investigation and Donald and Jonas crack the code on Estal's crime magnetism.
Hypothesis the 6th:
Added: 10/24/2012
Runtime: 43;29
What's holding you back? Donald comes face to face with the hardest of vigilante truths, being bulletproof is expensive. Unless he can find a low-rent answer to an Iron Man suit of armor, it looks like his criminal capture capabilities are contained to barely armed purse snatchers. Sebastian has always suspected that her absentee father is the key to the origin of her powers. Now, with a little help from Veronique, she finally has the ability to track him down and get her answers. If Virginia had her way, she'd forever ignore her ability to stop time and create portals, the only thing standing in her way is Roxy. Damon is still on the hunt for Mr. Dr. Electricon. Maybe it could progress a little faster if his right-hand man wasn't so distracted trying to seduce his hostage/wife.
Hypothesis the 5th:
Added: 8/6/2011
Runtime: 33;53
Do real life super powers serve a higher purpose? Donald has finally begun making headlines as a masked crime fighter, but one rescue in particular has him certain he is following the path of fate. Jonas is convinced that Virginia and Donald's manipulation of time will have dire consequences. And Sebastian, the world's only multiplier, is still trying to come to terms with losing a large part of herself. When they suddenly learn that there are other super teams in Chicago, Donald sees it as another indication of their fate as a group, and another puzzle piece in discovering the origins of their powers.
Hypothesis the 4th:
Added: 1/11/2011
Runtime: 29:55
Sometimes the hardest thing to come to terms with is yourself. Donald wants to help mankind, but first he has to deal with the practical limitations of having super powers in the real world. Sebastian is having trouble controlling...herself. Virginia just wants to know what was coming out of that wobbly thing. And a certain sentient dark entity has made itself comfortable in a final host, but it's still trying to understand it's place in the world.
Hypothesis the 3rd:
Added: 6/9/2010
Runtime: 28:45
Everyone wants to become the best possible version of themselves. For Donald, that means learning how to best utilize his extraordinary electrical ability. For Virginia, it means trying to figure out why time keeps stopping when she, the world's only time-stopper, is not stopping it. And before an unexpected visitor can put their best foot forward, first they must find the best foot. Change is never easy.
Hypothesis the 2nd:
Added: 12/9/2009
Runtime: 26;32
Even though they have super powers, these young upstarts need to earn a living. But for four people with SUPER secrets, even the world of retail work presents unknown dangers. Can they maintain the appearance of normalcy when they possess such unbelievable abilities? And are their 9 to 5's going to be enough to fulfill them, or is their's a greater destiny?
Hypothesis the 1st:
The Last Slice
Added: 10/12/2009
Runtime: 21:46
Meet the Platoon of Power Squadron. Four strangers in their twenties all ended up renting rooms in the same Chicago apartment. They've all been out of school for a while, they all have dead end jobs, and they all have SUPER POWERS. What? That's right. In a world where supernatural abilities are limited to comic books and the silver screen, these four discontent, minimum wage workers are the only people with actual super powers. Now what the hell are they supposed to do with them?
  • Ep 10: The First Slice
  • Ep 9: Origins
  • Ep 8: Fight
  • Ep 7: Catalyst
  • Ep 6: Barrier
  • Ep 5: Fate
  • Ep 4: Identity
  • Ep 3: Transition
  • Ep 2: Jobs
  • Ep 1: The Last Slice